Information for Clients


Periaktos Productions, L.L.C. was formed in 1994 with the mission of helping lawyers to become better lawyers by providing unique and innovative CLE and public education programs about ethics, professionalism and social justice, using professional theatre productions as a teaching tool. Our name is derived from "periaktoid," which is a three-sided scenic unit used in the ancient Greek theatre. This image was chosen to suggest our three primary goals.

First and foremost, our goal is to entertain, which means, in the literal sense, "to hold between." We want to engage and hold our audiences! Only with engagement can a "classroom" activity move from a passive experience to one in which true learning occurs. Secondly, we strive to educate our audiences, which in the classical sense means "to draw out." We want to evoke ideas and responses to the issues and situations we present and facilitate dialogue about them .not instruct or indoctrinate audiences with our own opinions. Lastly, we hope to enlighten our audiences, which means to "reveal truths." In the broader sense this means helping attendees to acquire new wisdom and/or understanding of situations to help them see options more clearly. We see all three of these goals working dynamically together to bring vital, exciting and engaging performance events to the world of Continuing Legal Education.

Playwright Sidney Michaels wrote, "In the dark of the theatre we remember ourselves." Things are not always what they seem and the theatre is a wonderful way to lend a bit of insight and look at what's below the surface. In the end we provide programs for lawyers to learn about themselves and explore their own ethical foundations by looking at the lives of others.


There are five programs in our current CLE Theatre "repertoire:"
  1. Clarence Darrow; Crimes, Causes and the Courtroom
  2. Maxims, Monarchy and Sir Thomas More
  3. Impeach Justice Douglas!
  4. Thurgood Marshall's Coming!
  5. The Women Lawyers Club
The live plays are presented with a post-performance panel comprised of local attorneys and/or judges to generate audience discussion of ethical and social justice issues that arise out of the performances. When offered for CLE credit, the plays are done with a post performance discussion for 2.5 to 3.5 hours of CLE credit, depending on individual state requirements.

All of the presentations are staged theatrical productions that are recognized, not only for their educational content, but also as exceptional entertainment. Over the past thirteen years, Periaktos Productions has had a significant impact on the landscape of Continuing Legal Education and, at the same time, maintained its impeccable theatrical reputation. From the company's inception, the mission has been, first and foremost, to create theatrically viable and engaging works which simultaneously contain profound educational components. Universally, the productions are met with accolades such as "spellbinding" and "powerful." The American Bar Association selected Thurgood Marshall's Coming!, produced by Periaktos Productions, to receive an Honorable Mention Award in Theater for the 2005 Silver Gavel Awards Competition for Media and the Arts.

We have presented live programs to more than 130 satisfied clients around the country, most of whom have presented ALL of our programs at one time or another. We have established credibility and are a known commodity in the CLE marketplace. Our programs remain unique and unduplicated anywhere in the CLE industry.