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___________________ is pleased to announce that it is bringing Clarence Darrow, the famous 19th century trial attorney to ________________. Clarence Darrow: Crimes, Causes and the Courtroom will be performed on ________ at the __________________ in ______________. This full-length play, coauthored by Anna Marie and Graham Thatcher, features Graham Thatcher in the role of the famous trial lawyer. Through their company, Periaktos Productions, the Thatchers create theatre and tour productions for Continuing Legal Education programs that focus on ethical issues in the practice of law. The repertoire also includes Maxims, Monarchy and Sir Thomas More, a play about the English Chancellor beheaded by Henry VIII, Impeach Justice Douglas!, about Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, Thurgood Marshall's Coming!, a play about the famous civil rights lawyer, and The Women Lawyers' Club, that portrays stories of some of the most noted women who have impacted the law and the American legal system. Clients include the Chief Justice's Commission on Professionalism in Georgia, the National Diocesan Attorneys Association of the U.S. Catholic Conference, the 10th Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals and numerous state and local bar associations.

Clarence Darrow: Crimes, Causes and the Courtroom explores Darrow's moral convictions and philosophies using personal reflections and summations from four of his most famous cases: the Loeb and Leopold Trial, in which he saved two teenaged "thrill killers" from the hangman; the Sweet Trial, in which he defended a young black family against charges of murder; the Scopes Monkey Trial, in which he argued for freedom from religious suppression in the classroom; and the McNamara Bombing Trial, in which his pursuit of justice for his labor union clients enraged both sides. Darrow was well known for his humor and the play incorporates his wit as well and his strong opinions regarding social issues of the day. Although the performance spans the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the social issues and legal concerns presented are as relevant today as they were then.

Born in 1857, Clarence Darrow, whose life spanned both the turn of the century and the onset of the industrial revolution, worked for four years for the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad, and for fifteen years championed labor union causes. From 1911 until his death in 1938 Darrow worked in his own private law practice. Darrow, a popular speaker on the lecture circuit and one of the first lawyers and public speakers to use an extemporaneous speaking style, traveled extensively and published many articles on a variety of important social issues. An adamant opponent of capital punishment and a strong proponent of freedom of expression and civil rights, Darrow was labeled "Attorney for the Damned" because he took on many unpopular and seemingly hopeless, criminal cases. A master of the courtroom stage possessing an uncanny understanding of human character, he commanded respect as a great trial lawyer, and yet, was often embroiled in bitter controversy. Although tried twice for jury tampering in the McNamara Bombing Trial, and ultimately acquitted of the charges, some still question Darrow's innocence.

Clarence Darrow: Crimes, Causes and the Courtroom focuses on Darrow's personal struggle as an attorney for justice in a world where justice is not always served. The play provokes thought about the frequent conflicts between personal values and professional ethics and the issues faced by a society that purports to guarantee life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness equally to all its citizens.

There will be ____ performance(s) of Clarence Darrow: Crimes, Causes and the Courtroom on ______________________ at ______ __ in ____________________________ at ________.**

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